5 Minute Meals - Steak, Eggs and Avo

5 Minute Meals, Meal 1

The aim of 5 minute meals is to bring you quick nutritious food for those people who seem to be so busy they need 25 hours in a 24 hour day. 

Steak, Eggs and Avo

What you need:

  1. A steak of your choice
  2. 2-3 eggs
  3. A small bit of butter to cook in
  4. 2 garlic cloves
  5. 1 onion

How to prepare and cook:

  1. Heat the pan to a searing heat and drop your butter in
  2. Quickly chop your garlic and onions and have them ready on the side
  3. Pop your eggs in the pan with your garlic and onions and let them cook
  4. Take the eggs out and drop your steak in, preference is huge here but I just flip the steak once and I'm done.  
  5. Cut your avocado and place all 3 on the plate
  6. Voila :P

Macro Counters, my actual meal here had:

Protein - 82g, Fat - 34g, Carbs - 10g, Fiber - 3g (683 CALS)

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