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What is Personal Training/ One to One Coaching?

Our one to one coaching system is a personalised approach to training and nutrition. By hiring a CityGym coach you can take the second guessing out of what you do on the gym floor and in the kitchen. Our customised plans include detailed nutritional and workout guidelines and once coaching begins, we will continually adjust your plan as needed to help you achieve your goals. We deal with everyone from beginners to advanced trainees.


Why Choose CityGym Limerick for One to One Coaching?

  • We get results. That’s why you are probably on this page. You are probably looking for a result… to get leaner, fitter, stronger. We get the people of Limerick City the results they want.

  • We offer insurance, with a free intro session you can try out our personal training with no strings attached and walk away without a penny swapping hands.

  • We have a wealth of experience in the industry. Read our coaching bios here for more info on our coaches and what they have accomplished.

  • We come highly respected in our field, from clients/members and also other well respected trainers in our field.

  • We are honest people. At any given time, our coaching program is always near maximum capacity. This allows us be very honest with our applicants and we can tell them if they are a right fit for CityGym or not. So when you apply to work with us you know it's not a sales pitch, it's just honesty.


Generally Those We Work With Are:

  • People who are not looking for quick fixes. We do not do "3 week detox" or "5 week shred" style programming. Real results takes commitment, only apply if you are serious about changing and working to get your result.

  • People who believe in an evidence based approach to training and nutrition and can put 100% faith in their coach to get the result.

  • Those willing to work with their coach. If we feel that during the application process that you will not give this process your all then we will decline the application.

  • Those not looking for a "cheap" personal trainer. We firmly believe that you get exactly what you pay for when it comes to coaching and we are for our high standard of training and results.


Why Do We Always Get a Good Result in CityGym?

  • We've refined our systems over years and years of meeting hundreds of people just like you, looking for exactly what you are looking for.

  • With our application process we end up only taking on those who are willing to work and accordingly, get the result


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