The Process is Everything

I think this is something that a lot of powerlifters, bodybuilders and entrepreneurs will just nod their head in agreement with.

Motivated people have goals or specific ideas of where they are going. It doesn’t have to be perfect, a start just has to be made. Examples, “I want to open a business”, “I want to squat 200kg”. It’s an idea, a moment of madness that sparks something and gets the ball rolling. As I said, the start is never perfect and the road ahead is never straight but those with backbone and the will to push, will start and succeed.

Let’s fast forward. You open your business or you squat 200kg and celebrate. Then what?

*Queue head nod*

You think, let’s make a bigger business, let’s squat 210kg.

*If you've ever been there you definitely just smiled and nodded your head*

I’ve noticed this in the lifting community and with friends who own different businesses, as soon as they achieve something, they immediately think bigger. When you ask them how good it was to celebrate whatever milestone, they’ll say it was good but always reflect on the process of how they got there. That’s where the story lies, that’s where the real push came from. Back to the wall with injuries or bills or whatever else might have come your way, that’s the exciting stuff!

Enjoy every minute of the process