Here's an insight into the people behind CityGym

Gar Benn- CityGym Owner


Gar found his love for the fitness industry after many major surgeries and many months in hospital. He had several surgeries on his lungs. It was only when he was recovering from his bouts in hospital that he started to take fitness seriously. For more on Gars lung surgeries and how CityGym came to be what it is check out the CityGym write up here.

Gar went on to develop his own style of training which CityGym has been built on. Incorporating nutrition, unique workout ideas with posture and core development to get results from each individual he has worked with. Gar has worked with a very diverse population from weight gain/weight loss clients to performance clients. Gar has also worked with physical therapy and medical teams with many of his clients who take personal training for pure health purposes, such conditions would include those who would suffer from diabetes, cystic fibrosis, eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, anxiety, depression and those in recovery from heart conditions. 

Gar is also an online coach for the extremely popular website with Danny Lennon. Gar has represented CityGym Limerick on Limerick's Live 95FM on numerous occasions talking about many different topics in the areas of health and fitness from dietary requirements for the general public and childhood obesity to performance in field sports. Gar has also been a guest blogger on and CityGym Limerick has been published in many different local newspapers in Limerick.

You'll find all of our staff on various media sources, to see more of Gar and what happens in CityGym on a day to day basis check 

Instagram: @citygymlk and @garbenn_cg

Snapchat: citygymlk

Arthur Lynch- Freelance Personal Trainer

Arthur, has graduated from UL with a 1st class honours in Sports and Exercise Sciences. Arthur is now currently doing a PHD in UL. Arthur's scientific approach to training has given him the edge as a coach to help people excel and exceed all expectations in the gym.

Arthur is a competitive powerlifter, Arthur has been both an IDFPA and IPF champion in the u90s and u93 categories. His best numbers in competition are Squat-240kg Bench- 170kg and Deadlift 300kg.

Arthur has also competed twice in bodybuilding on top of doing competition prep for many clients. 

Arthur competing in UL

Arthur competing in UL

Arthur and client Niamh

Arthur and client Niamh

Arthurs coaches our Lifting Club in CityGym, you can also hire Arthur for one to one personal training sessions where he can address any and all performance related issues from technique to programming.

For more on Arthur and his crazy gelato lifestyle follow him on Instagram: arthurlynch


Donnacha Cregan - Freelance Personal Trainer

Donnacha is a  competitive natural bodybuilder with a background in boxing and mixed martial arts.

Donnacha struggled with his weight his whole life. He was overweight well into his teens until he started to train. His results were fantastic and he never felt better so he decided to follow that passion into becoming a coach. Donnacha did some work experience with CityGym and instantly fitted the mold for what a CityGym coach needs to be. Donnacha has achieved some amazing results with clients which you can see below for yourself, I've witnessed his interaction with every client and each and every person really enjoys their session and this is why Donnacha has been such a successful coach.

Donnachas Personal Training Client, Cliodhna with an amazing transformation

Donnachas Personal Training Client, Cliodhna with an amazing transformation

Donnachas Distance Coacing Client, Jason, seeing some huge changes in just 4 weeks

Donnachas Distance Coacing Client, Jason, seeing some huge changes in just 4 weeks

As you can clearly see Donnachas reputation for changing body shapes dramatically is well warranted and he has produced great results time after time with each member. You can hire Donnacha as your personal trainer by clicking here and buying our €10 trial. If you want to hire Donnacha as your Distance Coach click here now.

To see more of Donnacha follow him on Instagram: @natty_nolan

Cathal O'Neill - Freelance Personal Trainer


Having played sport his whole life, Cathal discovered his passion for weight training at the age of 16 which led to him enrolling in a Degree (B.Sc.) in Strength and Conditioning at I.T.Carlow. Currently in his 4th and final year, Cathal has undertaken internships and coaching roles here at CityGym Limerick; having worked with Limerick Golf Club’s u’18 Boys Team who went on to win the All-Ireland u’18 Championship this past Summer. He recently returned from completing an intensive 3-month internship at Purdue University, Indiana, USA, where he worked with the American Football and Wrestling teams, immersing himself in the Sports Performance field learning from World-Class coaches. He has also worked with I.T. Carlow’s Senior Hurlers, Men’s Golf Team and Ladies Football Team. 

“Sports Performance is a relatively new industry here in Ireland and having witnessed the benefits of it through my experience in the States, it’s become my goal to educate and coach athletes here to the highest of standards. The underlying principle of my coaching methods is to maximise the transfer of training from the weight room onto the field of play whether that be a field, court, track or golf course! Everything you do here at Citygym Limerick will be purposeful and be implemented with the aim of helping you improve at your chosen sport. We are in the business of making you Stronger, Faster and more Powerful!” 


To see more of Cathal follow him on Instagram: @cathal_o_neill or on Facebook: Cathal O’Neill Strength and Conditioning