Once becoming a member/attending CityGym you agree to a number of outlined points below:

  1. You will be instructed on how to use everything correctly in your induction.
  2. You will act in a safe and respectful manner at all times while in CityGym, including but not limited to wiping down equipment after use, putting weights back in the allocated spot and and acting respectful to all other gym members.
  3. Breaking of any of the rules above will result in immediate termination of your gym membership with no refund. This does not affect your rights.
  4. Missing payment will also result in termination of membership immediately. 
  5. At any time, the owner reserves the rights to change your trainer, change your personal training/group time and to change your membership price to what he/she sees fit. This is purely precautionary and will likely never happen.
  6. If you have had any previous or currently have any illnesses, injuries, broken bones, impingement's or mobility issues it is up to you to make your trainer aware of this in writing. If we don't receive anything in writing we will assume you're perfectly healthy and train you as normal.
  7. By checking the box on the payment checkout you are releasing CityGym Limerick, it's owner Gearoid Benn and who ever your trainer may be from liability.
  8. When attending a gym there are a number of ways to injure yourself. While our coaching staff does their absolute best to maintain a safe training atmosphere, accidents can occur with lifting weights. By clicking the terms of service box you are acknowledging this and will at all times be vigilant whilst in CityGym and if an accident does occur you release the owner, Gearoid Benn and/or the trainer on duty of any liability.
  9. Personal Training sessions have a minimum cancellation of 24 hours. Cancellations within 24 hours of the session will result in a charge for your session.
  10. Direct Debit cancellations need a minimum of one weeks notice. Any payment that goes through in this time will be put down as a fault of the member. To cancel a direct debit email our cancellation team by emailing citygymlk@gmail.com with a subject heading of "Membership Cancellation" and in the text write your full name and email address that you used to sign up. We have a lot of members so if you do not comply with these rules we will not be able to find you on file.