William Clarke

Before starting CityGym Coaching with Stephen I’d never had a coach before, so naturally I was curious to see how much of a difference it would make for me; and what a difference it did make

Before I started with Stephen I had a 240kg Squat, 157.5kg Bench and a 240kg deadlift, all in meet lifts. My first competition with Stephen (12 week prep) I Squatted 250kg, Benched 165kg and Deadlifted 260kg while going 8/9 compared to my previous comps of both 6/9.

Having a coach in my corner has made a massive difference towards my training (Weekly updates) my mindset (Keeping me on track and focused on goals) my technique (Small adjustments that have made a massive difference over time) and giving me less to think about when it comes to competitions just focusing on each lift/attempt.

The massive difference having Stephen has come to my Deadlift, I used to dread deadlifting and every session I’d end up with really bad back pain during an after. The changes Stephen made through out the prep worked wonders and I can happily say I deadlift pain free now while getting stronger at the lift.

We are currently prepping for nationals in February and I’m sure Stephen will bring me in 110% ready.

Don’t overthink your training like i used to, hand it over to Stephen and have nothing to worry about.