Alex "Creme Del La" Cremins


I joined CityGym Coaching around 9 months ago with Stephen. Ever since he has literally done so much for me. When I joined my squat was 95kg, I was benching around 90kg and deadlifting 160kg. In the space of only 9 months my squat went up to 155kg, bench to 102.5kg and a 202.5kg deadlift competing in the under 66kg division in the IrishPF.

I’ve recently went to all Ireland’s to represent Munster, and I have received an invitation to Nationals in Dublin in February. I can’t wait to progress so much more with the help of Stephen and I wouldn’t be going without him. There is no one I have ever met who has more faith in me and honestly believes that I can do good in this sport and that’s one of the reason he’s a great coach because he’s not one of those trainers you’re paying for who just wants you for money, Stephen wants to actually make good athletes in this sport that he is so passionate about.

So many people could tap their potential if they just had a coach to guide them, while Stephen is coaching me I'm not just doing well in comps but I have also learned so much from him and he’s also become one of my closest friends