New Years Resolution(6 Steps to completing your NYR for 2015)

With 2015 quickly approaching, I've heard many New Years resolutions already. I've helped coach a few people through what could have been a failed resolution by finding loop holes in their plan and guiding them to a solid plan that has the potential to meet their goal. The big "secret" will be honesty with yourself above everything else. I've also included a CityGym tip for success at the very end.

1. What were your biggest preventable failures in 2014?

This may seem easy but really think about the issues that came between you and your fitness/health goals this year. What action could you have taken to overcome a certain situation? Really reflect on this point and search for the warning signs that emerge so you can take these on to next year.

2. What foods have the worst effect on you?

Everyone has a few foods off the top of their head that they know effect them badly but we want to take this a step further. I want you to identify the foods, write them down as a list and put it in your kitchen/wallet/phone to keep you conscious of the fact that they have a bad effect on you. By having this higher consciousness and being reminded consistently you are far less likely to consume this food. 

3. The abstract resolution

"I'll be fitter in the New Year", "I'll walk/run/gym more in the New Year", "I'll eat healthier in the New Year". These are all great starts for someone looking to live a fuller and fitter life in 2015 but what is the problem with these goals? They're vague and abstract. There is no start or finish line to these goals. I get people to quantify goals. For example take "I'll gym more in 2015". How many times are you going to the gym now? We'll say it's once to twice a week for the sake of the example. For success here you need to say to yourself "I have been going to the gym twice a week on and off every month", your new goal could be "I'll go to the gym twice a week, consistently every week, for 60-90 minutes per session with a plan that has been made for me" Now you have a real plan to work with and the start to achieving the goal you've always wanted.

4. Accountability

So far, we know where our biggest failures have occurred so we can avoid them next year. We know what foods to avoid like the plague with a higher consciousness of grub. We have quantified our goals instead of having a wishy washy plan. Now we need accountability

Trust me when I say that you're more likely to suceed when you have someone else to report to. Even if it's a quick text every second day to a friend to say "I'm performing better at activity X, and down Y% bodyfat" it'll make the difference. What works even better than a random friend is a friend who is willing to partake on a similar resolution to yourself so ye can message each other about progress.

5. What or who stands in your way?

What or who could possibly stand in your way for your goal? Is it a person who always suggests a Chinese take-out every single night or beers a few times a week? Is it yourself? Are you a procrastinator and if so why? Is it a fear of failure? This requires a little more thinking so  take your time to search and find the answer.

(This was my own take on Marks Daily Apple If you liked this read Marks version here, he's a great author with many great articles.)

CityGym Tip:

Our secret tip is very easy to use. Pick a "habit" or even two. For example: "Drink 2L of water today", "Get 8 hours of sleep", "take 5 minutes of my own time to relax". Write these down, take a picture and place it as your background and also use postets to leave these two habits in your most visited rooms like your sitting room, the office etc. We use this highly effective method to help people overcome the most overwhelming or tedious tasks on a day to day basis and it hasn't failed yet.

Enjoy your New Years Eve everyone,

Thank you for reading,