Welcome to CityGym Personal Training!!


We think you're awesome and we would like to welcome you to the team here at CityGym! We are really excited to have you on board

Chances are, you've been in touch with your coach already. If not please feel free to mail us at info@citygymlk.com for more information. That goes for anything, changes in memberships, suggestions or to give us props (Always welcome!)

As part of our personal training programme we like to offer two cool perks:

  1. The Y.U.R.T recipe book (Your Ultimate Recipe Textbook) which is jam packed with high protein meal ideas to get you going. When clicking perks down below you'll be directed to our store, add the YURT to the cart and at checkout enter the code "PT100" for 100% off the price!

  2. Open gym access. You have full access to our open gym for free. If your coach has additional sessions to complete in the week, you can attend our open gym hours which are currently:

    • Monday - Friday: 12 - 9pm

    • Saturday: 1:30 - 4:30pm

We are here to help you reach your goals. Please let us know if you ever need assistance in any way, shape or form!

Thank you,

Gar Benn