Welcome to CityGym Online!!


We think you're awesome and we would like to welcome you to the team here at CityGym! We are really excited to have you on board.

Please feel free to mail your coach any time that you have questions . For anything else like changes in memberships, suggestions or to give us props (Always welcome!) email info@citygymlk.com

Please note, the only way to make membership changes is by emailing info@citygymlk.com

Some info on your coaching:

  • You are now signed up for CityGym online coaching, you will be billed the same day as checkout until a point where you cancel your plan.

  • Profiles take up to 48 hours to get up and running, excluding weekends.

  • You will receive an automatic mail every Sunday at 7am, please have a reply in before Monday at 10am.

  • You can email your coach questions any day, please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Some questions need a little more time and research to answer, we don’t believe in half doing anything.

  • If you have picked a weekly Skype call, your coach will put their call link in your online profile, it is on you to set this up every week by clicking the link and picking a time that suits you best. If you don’t want a call on any given week, simply don’t pick one and that’s perfectly fine.

  • This has been set up with you and your results in mind, please work hard, communicate with your coach and get the best results for yourself

Thank you,

Gar Benn