Welcome to CityGym Circuit Classes!!


We think you're awesome and we would like to welcome you to the team here at CityGym! We are really excited to have you on board.

Please feel free to mail your coach Rob at rob@citygymlk.com any time that you have questions regarding the classes. For anything else like changes in memberships, suggestions or to give us props (Always welcome!) email info@citygymlk.com

Please note, the only way to make membership changes is by emailing info@citygymlk.com

Just a Heads up & reminder:

  1. You are now signed up for morning time circuits, you can attend any class on Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 7-8am or 8-9am

  2. We open at 6:50am so don’t be alarmed if the doors aren’t open before then

  3. We are located at 17 Sexton Street, Limerick. For a Google maps link click here (https://goo.gl/maps/1UYpAkPVY4gWtHNS6)

  4. Street parking is available outside the premises and is normally quite until 9am. Please do not block any shutters/roller doors on the street. Traffic wardens start at 9:30am, just a heads up for those that take their time in the changing rooms

  5. We have hot showers, always ready to rock

  6. That’s it! :)

We are here to help you reach your goals. Please let us know if you ever need assistance in any way, shape or form!

Thank you,

Gar Benn