Welcome To Uber Gains!


People of Uber, we think you are awesome and we wanted to welcome you to your brand new sessions here in CityGym Limerick!

A bit of info on us:

  • We are super close to you, located at 17 Sexton Street (A google link just in case https://goo.gl/maps/bUcsYSYWAhS2)

  • Your coach is Donnacha or “Dons” for short, he insists people call him this so we apologise in advance :P For any class related questions you can message Dons at dons@citygymlk.com

  • For any changes to memberships including upgrades to add PT sessions in or cancellations, mail info@citygymlk.com, subject line “Upgrade” or “Cancellation” and write your name in the message itself

  • Aaaaand that’s it!! Enjoy your sessions :)