Spontaneous  Pneumothorax Support Group

This group is very close to my heart, no pun intended. I am a three time SP sufferer. Two on the right with a drain each time then a pleurodesis surgery. Once on the left two years ago. Since then I have suffered terribly from anxiety and stressed myself until after my last collapse when I learned how to move past that fear. For those reading this that aren't familiar with SP, there has never been a cause found for the condition so as you can imagine that's a major worry for everyone who doesn't want a second or third collapse.

I looked for support when I came out of hospital and I was lucky enough to find a few people in an online group. It helped tremendously, but it wasn't real. You need someone to sit one foot in front of you and tell you the "Tricks of the trade" to relieving scar tissue pain, answer questions about how long it takes to regain overhead mobility to reach above shoulder height. That's why I am setting up Ireland's first support group for SP sufferers which will be 100% free and held in CityGym.

If you have had an SP or you know somebody who has and would be interested in this concept please mail us here at citygymlk@gmail.com 

I look forward to meeting each and every person,