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Personal Training:

CityGym Personal Training is a unique training experience where the clients goals come first and above all else.

Want to see over 140 5-star ratings?! 

That's over 140 people in Limerick that we have helped:

  • Lose weight
  • Put on muscle mass
  • Regain their health
  • Excel in their performance endeavours and much more... 

What To Expect from CityGym Personal Training Sessions:

  • A hands on experience with YOUR coach. You will be assigned a kick ass coach who will be your coach indefinitely
  • A fully custom made training programme for all your training needs
  • A fully custom nutrition plan to suit your day to day life
  • Have your Personal Training sessions at times that suit you!

What Else Do We Give Our CityGym Personal Training Members:

  • Free refreshments in your session - Want a coffee ready for you in each session? Let your coach know in advance and he'll have it ready. Water bottles, energy drinks for the road? We have you covered!
  • A full recipe book to help make your nutrition plan even easier
  • A new recipe video every week in our online Personal Training group to keep things fresh in the kitchen
  • Access to our "Open Gym" hours. Your coach will inform you about our 40 free roam hours that you can attend!

Membership Options:


1 Session Per week €65 per session (€65 per week)


2 Sessions Per Week - €50 per session (€100 per week)


4 Sessions Per Week - €40 per session (€160 per week)