What Equipment Do You Have?

Our Main Pieces of Equipment Are:

  • 3 X IPF comp legal squat/bench combo racks

  • 8 other racks for squatting and benching from

  • A monolift

  • Over 1000 kilos of Eleiko, Rogue and Titex calibrated plates

  • Ohio power bars, Texas Deadlift Bar, Squat Bar, Hex Bars, Safety Squat Bars etc

  • Rogue belt squat machine

  • Pulley Machines (Lat Pulldown, Seated Row, Cable Crossover, seated row, hamstring curl)

  • Dumbbells from 1kg to 60kg

  • 4 Deadlift Areas

  • Reverse Hyper

  • Glute Ham

  • Dip Stations and Pull Up Bars