What Is CityGym Online Coaching?

CityGym online coaching is a way for our coaches to coach raw drug free powerlifters no matter where they are in the world

How It Works

  1. Submit a form at the end of the page
  2. Once a space becomes available you are then assigned a coach who will organise a Skype call for a consultation to talk about goals, previous training experience and give you an honest evaluation if we are suited for what you are looking for
  3. We'll gather all the information that we need from you in that call and form a plan for you from there
  4. Your coaching will then be updated every week based on your performance in the previous week of training and also based off of the data collected in the CityGym Trackers that we have created to help you get the most out of your training

Why Choose CityGym Limerick for Online Coaching

  • We get results, have a look through our testimonials down below and you'll see amazing progress
  • You can be coached by our amazing coaches from any where
  • Our system and trackers help you optimise your training and bring it to the next level
  • Our coaches have coached and competed at the highest level, both nationally and internationally
  • Our coaches hold a number of national records and wins in their respective weight classes
  • Current male and female clients hold multiple records in the IrishPF

Our Coaching Is Suited To:

  • People who compete (Or want to compete) in raw drug free powerlifting
  • Those looking to/ those who are making a transition from other sports (Rugby/GAA etc) to powerlifting
  • Beginners who want a structured foundation to work from
  • Advanced lifters who understand the importance of long term progression with a coach 
  • Offseason athletes looking to build a total and/or refine form with video analysis 




  • Initial Skype Call
  • Programming - Updated Weekly To Optimise Training
  • Monthly Check In With Your Coach


  • Initial Skype Call
  • Programming - Updated Weekly To Optimise Training
  • Weekly Check In Mail With Your Coach
  • Video Analysis of Main Lifts Each Week
  • Meet Day Planning


  • Initial Skype Call
  • Programming - Updated Weekly To Optimise Training
  • Daily Mails To Your Coach
  • Weekly Check In Via Mail OR Skype
  • Video Analysis of All Lifts Each Week
  • Meet Day Planning
  • A free CityGym t-shirt
  • The CityGym recipe book with over 60 delicious recipes

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