Nutrition Video Library 

Overview - P.I.E Volume 1 Calories

In this video we go through finding your maintenance calories, creating a deficit for fat/weight loss, creating a surplus for weight/muscle gain, rates of change and when to change the plan and how to distribute calories throughout your day

Overview - P.I.E Volume 2 Macros

In this video we go through how much protein, fat and carbs you need. How much do you need to track depending on where you are in your competing year. An order of importance and fool proof escape for a day that goes to s**t. Junk food eating vs wholefoods.

Overview: P.I.E Volume 3 Meal Timing/Composition & Structuring Your Day

What should your meals look like on off days, training days and pre/post workout. How to spread your calories/macros throughout the day. Lots of working examples and Stephen Cusack dancing with a tie on his head.

Overview: P.I.E Volume 4 The Best Mother F**king Way To Cut Into A Powerlifting Meet Ever

No need for more of a description

Overview: What Supp

Supplements, which ones actually work and how much should someone take