Podium Psychology Workshop : Performance from Day One to the Podium

Date: Sunday december 9th, 9am - 6pm

Cost: €60 pre-sale (october 1st - october 31st) €80 thereafter

We have 30 spaces up for grabs


Psychology is often misunderstood as a magical one trick pony or titbit of information that makes a little bit of difference at key times.

Over the course of this workshop Hugh will run through the essentials of psychology that every athlete should become familiar with through out their entire sporting career. 

You will come away with a practical understanding of psychology and tools to help you become a better athlete and coach.

It will cover the applied sport psychology in the following phases of training:

  • Season Planning 

  • Training 

  • Preparing for competition 

  • Warm up 

  • Competition 

  • Competition Review

In addition to this there will also be an applied aspect for coaches:

  1. Constraints based training 

  2. Coaching psychology and communication. 

  3. Decision making and complexity theory

Q and A questions are welcome in advance of the workshop. 

This workshop will be delivered by Hugh J. Gilmore. MSc BSc BASES IIS Level 3 Motivational Interviewing.

Over the past 4 years Hugh has been the Lead Psychologist for British Weightlifting working with their Paralympic Powerlifters and Weightlifters.  In addition to this Hugh has also been one of the lead Tutors for BWL coaching contributing to devising and educating tutors who deliver the coach education courses for British Weightlifting

Samples of Elite Experience

English Institute of Sport

Hugh is currently contracted with the English Institute of Sport, the foremost body of sporting expertise in the UK (if not the world) which is responsible for supporting Team GB’s Olympic and Paralympic sports.

British Weightlifting

Paralympic and Olympic Rio 2016, Commonwealth Games 2018

Currently working towards Tokyo Paralympics 2020

Netball Northern Ireland

Board of Directors (Performance Director) and Commonwealth Games 2018

British Athletics

Futures Program for elite development athletes who are talented enough to progress to funded athlete status.

British Paralympic Association

Developing resilient and competent classifiers who can handle pressure and team decision making for the governing body of Paralympic sport.

University of Nottingham

Annually lecturing to Physios about working in elite pressurised Multi Disciplinary Teams and the role of Psychology in rehab.