Welcome To Our Morning Circuits Page!

A brief bit about us if you don’t know… CityGym is located in the heart of Limerick City on Sexton Street where we have been since 2014. We have an infectiously positive attitude and love to get people training right, no bs, no gimmicks, just good training.

We create in-shape, strong, fit and healthy people!

What Will You Get From CityGym Circuits:

  • You will SEE real changes in your how your body looks

  • You will get Stronger. Not just in the gym, but everywhere else in life too. Stronger on the pitch when playing, stronger when lifting the kids into the car, less dull aching pains when lifting at work

  • More ENERGY throughout the whole day from strategic morning time workouts

  • Better MOOD throughout the day from training with a specific purpose and building towards something bigger than a "3 week shred" or "7 day detox"

Who Are Our Strength Circuits Suited For

  • Complete beginners who want to strength train and have never trained with a barbell before - See times below for beginners hours

  • People used to lifting in boring commercial gym atmospheres but would like some guidance and coaching - See hours below for advanced hours

  • People who work early in Limerick City and need a 7am workout before work, our facility has clean showers and always has hot water

  • People who drop kids off to school and need a 9:30am workout after the school runs and coffee pick ups!

Circuit Times

We run our Circuit Classes run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you can purchase a membership at any of the times below

  • 7 - 8 am (All Levels - Two Coaches, one for beginners and one for advanced attendees)

  • 8 - 9 am (Advanced Only)

  • 09:30 - 10:30 am (Post School Run - All Levels, Two Coaches, one for beginners and one for advanced attendees)

    Why Are CityGym Classes Different

  • We provide real VALUE at only €7 per class!

  • Our coaches are educated and enthusiastic to help

  • You will train in a friendly and motivated environment

  • We use correct exercises and programming that will increase your strength

  • We have dealt with hundreds of people in Limerick who are looking for exactly the same thing that you are right now and they've worked with our team to GET THE RESULT THEY WANTED

So here’s the deal….

We want to give you a no strings attached way to try a session…

No commitment needed. If we can’t prove to you in one session that we are the gym for you, you can walk away without a penny changing hands.

How do you avail? Fill in the form below and check your email inbox within 24 hours you’ll have a mail from us with an invite for a free session! It’s that simple… See you soon!

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