5 Minute Meals - Home Made Burrito (2 Servings)

Home Made Burrito (2 Servings)

What You Need:

How To Prepare and Cook:

  • Heat some butter in the pan
  • Toss in 3 diced chicken breasts which have been coated with cayenne pepper
  • When chicken is nearly ready stir in approximately 1/2 of Old El Paso tub of sauce and then pop two "Single Serving"  packs of rice into the microwave
  • Place the cooked rice on the plate and pour the cooked chicken pieces over 
  • Top with Home Made Guac and enjoy!!

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Macro Counters, my actual meal here had:

Protein - 44g, Fat - 14g, Carbs - 41g, Fiber - 7g (532 CALS)