Tesco VS Aldi (Battle of the BarGainZ)


Tesco Vs Aldi, the biggest show down of giants since Batman V Superman

To give some background, I always shop in Aldi. Because it's cheaper. Or at least that's what the ad told me. When I'm extremely busy, I have to shop in Tesco. There's no way around it, Aldi closes too early. I noticed that the differences in price weren't as great as I imagined so I set about making a little chart. I took the items I purchased the most and pinned Tesco Vs Aldi to see who would come out triumphant!

As you can there isn't huge differences between Tesco and Aldi on these selected items! We are making a full list for next week and if you'd like our full list which will include an entire list of Tesco, Aldi and Dunnes Stores too sign up to our email list before and we'll mail you out the list next week!

All items were priced on the 11th of March 2016, prices are based on Tesco's own brand products vs Aldi's cheapest in store.