Thought of the Day #1

Episode 1 - Thought of the Day

Thought of the day is a new mini blog series I'll be writing once to twice per week depending on how hectic my schedule gets. I'll take an idea from somewhere, put my own spin on it and hopefully deliver something of use to the people reading this blog

Today's blog is brought to you from a Pat Divilly idea. I was in Mansion House for a Gary Vaynerchuk book launch and Pat was speaking there. He had some really interesting ideas that you don't often here in the fitness industry. Everyone seems to go down the same route of showing abs and shoving copious amounts of products down their followers throats. Pat's most interesting part for me was his view on how to be good in a fitness business, "Tell your story and be authentic". No fakeness, no super lighting or fake tans... Just be yourself and pick up a following of people who genuinely like you and what you do.

I think too many people in this day and  age try to force a certain image on themselves (In fitness and outside as well) that's just too much effort and people pick up on falseness. We've always been ourselves in CityGym, we do strength training and we don't do gimmicks. We know it gets people in shape, helps them live a pain free life once they have the right musculature "switched on" and overall people just feel better. It's a fantastic circle of...

Perform -> feel better -> sleep better -> you're encouraged to eat better -> Performance (See where this is going?)

We'll always stay true to this model of creating a lifting community of guys and girls from ages 9 to 63. That's why we're building every day with new people coming through the door excited about a training system that works!

That's the CityGym Limerick story and what we based our business on. Tonight I want to hear about your story. Email us and I'll give one lucky person with a great story, 4 free personal training sessions!

For more on CityGym and the story of how we were opened follow this link