You Are The Product of How You Spend Your Time

What Does your Day/Week/Month Make You?

Koalaty line right there! Love that now!

This concept is easy! Each day we have 24 hours, every week we have 7 days and so on and so forth. We are all given the exact same amount of time. Yet we don't prioritize what we do with this time.

I want to take this right down a route where I can explain things best, fitness. I consistently hear, "I want a better body" or "I want to be strong enough to do X". For one minute, I want you to picture someone you admire in the fitness industry. Someone you would aspire to be like. Now think about how long it took that person to get to where they currently stand. Not only how long has it taken them in the sense of months or years but think about every session that person has ever done in the gym to be where they are. They have literally become the product of countless hours spent working towards a bigger picture.

There is nothing outrageously different between you and the person that you thought of earlier. Eric Cressey, a strength coach in the US has an awesome Aristotle quote on his wall

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit"

This is the truth! Train like a bodybuilder for 30 years, guess what, you'll look like a bodybuilder. Train like a powerlifter for 10 years, I know you'll be strong, there's no other outcome! 

I have a task that I want you to try for the next 21 days. These 3 weeks will change how you live if you commit to this task. 

Pick a goal, any goal, body shape or strength. It can even be a life goal like increase sales in your business, move up in the company you work for etc. Now think about being at the finish line, you have your new job, or you've deadlifted 300kg etc... Think about how you got there? How many hours did you spend in the gym over the years? How many crap jobs did you do before you got the promotion? You've essentially now just reverse engineered life and lifting to create your own plan. Now all you have to do is put the time in!

Pick a small goal for these 3 weeks and drop us a line in 3 weeks time at and let us know how you got on.