Benefits of Sports Massage

My name is Niall O’Brien and I am The Muscle ManagerSome members of CityGym Limerick have come to me for a variety of treatments since I set up shop in in September. What I aim to do in this CityGym focused article, is talk about the benefits of what I do, and highlight some of the benefits experienced by some well-known CityGym faces.

Sports Massage Therapy – What is it? What can it do? Who is getting it – and what do they say about it?

What Is Sports Massage

Sports massage involves the manipulation of soft tissue for the prevention of injury as well as a variety of therapeutic purposes. Through this manipulation, of soft tissue there is the release of tension, reduction of pain and the restoration of range of movement. Sports Massage Therapy has the ability to restore normal function to various areas in the body. Sports Massage Therapy provides a major benefit to all sports & exercise participants in their recovery from training and/or injury. In addition to this it is also very beneficial to those with physical demanding or sedentary jobs (working at a desk). Sports Massage Therapy is also essential to those suffering from occupational, emotional or postural stress associated with everyday life. Sports Massage Therapy is recognized by many coaches, personal trainers and athletes as an essential component to an overall training & competition regime. This means that an athlete can get the best out of each training performance before the competition as well as ensure maximum muscle recovery.

Sports Massage Therapy targets muscles and tendons within the body that are key for everyday motion & movement. There are several key elements to Sports Massage Therapy

  • Motion & Flexibility: Athletes of all levels often over train. The result of this is muscle rigidity. Sport Massage Therapy relaxes excessively tense muscles providing additional flexibility. Prior to a competition, sports massage therapy will relax the muscles for flexibility thereby improving performance

  • Reduction in Recovery Time: Exercise and competition is extremely stressful on the body. Without preventative maintenance it will lead to injury. Sports Massage Therapy helps the body deal with this stress.  A proper massage increases blood flow and lymphatic draining thereby assisting the body’s natural healing process by speeding up the removal of waste products from the body. Swelling and inflammation associated with exercise is reduced with proper sports massage therapy. The pain associated with scar tissue (formed as the result of a severe injury) can be lessened with Sports Massage Therapy.

  • Oxygen & Nutrient Supply: Sports Therapy Massage increases the blood flow into the muscles which is vital to creating new tissue as well as increasing strength and stamina. By increasing this blood flow, we also increase the supply of additional oxygen and nutrients – which is crucial for this creation of new tissue.

  • Elimination of Exercise By-Products: During the course of exercise, the body naturally creates by-products such as lactic acid and uric acid. Both of these are lessened with an increase of blood and lymph flow. Sports Massage Therapy increases the blood and lymph flow in the body thereby decreasing the “stiffness” experienced due to lactic/uric acid build-up.

  • Psychological Benefits:  The body is only as strong as the mind behind it, so having a strong mind keeps the athlete focused and therefore provides them with a definite edge. A stressed athlete will be unable to focus properly at any level whether it is training or in competition. A good sports massage therapy session can decrease the stress level the athlete may be experiencing at a professional or personal level thereby increasing their ability to focus.  

  • Pain Reduction: When a body starts to experience pain, it is often an indication that the muscles are overworked. By obtaining a quality sports massage, there is an increase in blood flow & lymph flow, which increases the rate of the rehabilitation process. Sports Massage Therapy also eases the pain associated with spasms and cramps of muscles common experienced in those athletes who train regularly.

Sports Massage Therapy is geared towards athletes of every kind, from the world-class professional to the weekend jogger. The specific of the techniques used in a therapy session is specific to the athlete’s sport of choice.

Who is Sport Massage Therapy Geared Towards?

Often Sports Massage Therapists will focus on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive or aggressive movements. We all have tightness somewhere, which results in limited ranges of motion, and in turn impacts our posture, leading to further problems.

The best way for you to gain a better understanding for everything The Muscle Manager is to hear from some familiar faces at CityGym Limerick.

For some of you Gar Benn is a man that needs no introduction. He is the owner of CityGym Limerick, and also he claims he lifts. Gar and I often have great conversations about pain, its origins, removing the pain, and of course (one of Gar’s FAVOURITE topics) posture. I have never seen someone get as enthusiastic as me about posture before meeting Gar.

Why is Massage Therapy Important to Me? -Gar Benn

"Hi, my name is Gar Benn and I am a client of Niall aka The Muscle Manager. I am the owner of CityGym Limerick. A working day for me could range from 7/8am-8/9pm. Within that day I have to fit in multiple personal training clients which I instruct form with what could amass to 100’s of reps throughout the day. A big part of my day is sitting at a laptop replying to emails, getting our social media ready for the day coming and writing blogs. All of these tasks have to be done before I even start training myself and often times I find that when I go to workout, I will have excess tension from the reasons outlined above.
Niall has been able to keep me healthy & mobile and bring me back out of pain whenever it sneaks in from scar tissue from previous surgeries.
I could not recommend Niall more to anyone who has crazy stressful days, scar tissue from surgeries, who hits the gym every so often or most important…..those who sit on a daily basis."

Thanks to Gar for taking time out to give his observations & comments on how he has personally benefited from Sports Massage Therapy.

A Word from Arthur Lynch – IDFPA Under 90kg Junior & Overall Champion 2015, IPF Under 93kg Junior Champion (and all round Human Forklift/ProteinFreak)

Another man needing no introduction (but we’ll give him an intro anyway) is Arthur Lynch. Below is a few words from CityGym’s very own Human Forklift & Protein Freak Arthur Lynch.

The Muscle Manager & Me- Arthur Lynch

"I started working with Niall in the summer of 2015. At the time I was regularly the victim of extremely tight and knotted muscles, particularly my arm and leg muscles which would cause irritation at the joints adjacent to them. However Niall uses a style to release knots that I hadn’t encountered before and worked really well, significantly reducing my joint pain and improving my range of motion. He is also incredibly knowledgeable and knows exactly what he is doing and why with each technique he uses. What is also a great attribute of Niall is that he treats each and every clients on an individual basis and doesn’t use the same set of generic protocols for everyone.
As a powerlifter and coach/personal trainer, I’m fairly active and routinely put my muscles under quite a bit of strain. As Niall said to me in our very first session “you would obviously get your car serviced after a certain amount of mileage has been accumulated, why wouldn’t you do the same with your own body?” And in fact the treatment has really paid off since that first sessions as I have hit loads of personal bests in the gym and in competition since starting treatment with Niall. I really can’t recommend Niall enough."

I’d like to thank Arthur for his kind words above. As you can see from above he is converted to sports therapy, and recognises it’s benefits in both his personal and professional/athletic life and I think he’d agree with me in saying it is now an essential part of his training regime.

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