Arthur Heads to Cork for the Irish Training Exchange

Irish Training Exchange 

A few weeks back CityGym was very proud to be picked as the first gym to host the Irish Training Exchange outside of Corks own Strength and Performance Centre. 

Our own coach Arthur Lynch, went down recently to the latest exchange in Cork and had a few pictures to share of his trip and an awesome video too of the whole event.

Side bar here. This Training Exchange was set up by the owner of the Cork Strength and Performance Centre, Trevor Naughton. He's a cool guy with a great concept in mind! He is bringing lifters and coaches together to improve every aspect of training. If you can make one of these events I would strongly advise it! Also, to any Cork peeps looking to increase strength and performance you now know where to go! (


Tune in tomorrow to read Arts interview with Trevor from Corks Strength and Performance Centre!