Leave Nothing To Chance, Push For Success

Finish Line Mentality 

Here we have a beautiful photo of Bolt crossing the Finish line.

Yup, I'm just putting that out there...

Great, now that you've had a chuckle let's talk mentality towards success.

Anyone that has ever done Personal Training with me in CityGym will know the phrase Finish Line Mentality. This is my most common use for the term, in a workout. It could be on any given exercise and I'll say "Okay finish line mentality" and my client knows to dig deep and produce something special or bring it to near failure/one shy. This always gets the best out of people in the gym on days when it's needed.

It's applicable to more than just a gym scenario though. Think about it. There's so many times in life where we are close to finishing something and it becomes tougher than normal, so we stop. Imagine if we applied finish line attitude to every single time we nearly finished something in our life. We would be highly successful in anything that we tried!

So here's a challenge:

  • Set a new goal. Fitness, business, life goal etc.
  • Right from the get go use this new attitude.
  • When you get tired near the end push your new Finish Line attitude and actually finish the task at hand. This can single handily change your productivity in life.

Enjoy :)