How Fear Can Hold Us Back

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

Watch the video above, go on, it's only 1 minute and 1 second.

Who this blog is for:

  • A grown ass man or woman who has an awesome idea (To get fit and healthy, to open a business, to make a career move or relationship move) but is rooted in place, paralyzed by fear.
  • Also this is suited for guys and girls newly  graduated from college with no idea of what they want to do.
  • Kids in secondary school confused about where to go after their leaving cert.

To all of the above people, you are not alone. Nobody knows what they want to do with their life. Everyone who has had an awesome idea HAS hesitated. Nobody actually knows what college course they want, how could you at 17/18? 


The reason behind all of these is the common shared point of fear. We are programmed as humans to pick the "right" and "safest" pathway to money and forget happiness along the way. To anyone that has contributed to your fear, forget them! There is no such thing as fear in life. Fear is just a manifestation of someone else's insecurities passed on to you. When I dropped out of engineering to become a trainer all I heard was "You'll never pass those exams", once I passed the exams "You'll never get any clients" and once I had more clients than I could handle it was "Forget your dream of owning a gym by 40 that'll never happen". Well I got my first gym at the age of 25 so they were right. 

The Fitness Part

As always my blogs are fitness and life inspired so here is the fitness bit. This small blog all stemmed from a client of  mine the other day. He messaged me talking about eating healthy at work and how hard it was. Don't get me wrong the menu choice the company had was amazing, it was the social aspect he was worried about. I have heard this hundreds of times since I became a trainer. What will people think if I start eating healthy? Will they talk behind my back? Will I get a slagging at the table from my friends? All valid worries that everyone goes through. Generally this is how I've seen it play out with everyone so far. You start to eat a little better for the goal you're trying to achieve and one mate might say something like "Rabbit food today is it" and he might receive a chuckle or two. As the weeks go on, the results will start to show and the comments will stop. Then comes the day when the same mate might say "So tell me a little about your diet and workouts". It always happens! You might initially be scared to take the step forward but the person who is really fearful is your friend who thinks you're gonna out do him/her. To wrap the fitness part up, start today with  small steps and  progress slowly and put the naysayers to the back of your mind and  just focus on what it is that you truly want.

The Life Part

If you have an idea, a dream, something that you believe you can do. Then GO DO IT! It is that simple. If you  want your own business, form the connections needed and do the necessary research to open your business. If you're in school worried about what to put on your CAO, think about what you would like to do after school and ask a company can you check them out for a day to see if you like it. 

"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love" Jim Carrey

Powerful words to follow,