1 Hack To Change Your Life and Stress Levels

"You Time"

We are a Personal Training gym in Limerick city. Personal training is much more than "Give me 5 reps here and 5 minutes on this machine" like people believe. We look into peoples lives and find small issues that can drastically bring someone down.

One such thing is anxiety or always being switched on. If you are always switched on, chances are you have forgotten how to switch off and just enjoy yourself and relax. This can lead to a host of problems like fatigue on a daily basis, insomnia and a lack of motivation towards training and generally just a lack of enthusiasm for life. So 1 tip I've found extremely helpful for clients whom  have high pressure jobs and/or long hours is 30-60 minutes of you time.

I like to explain to my client at this time that I practice this in times of high pressure by following a few principles:

  1. Turn your phone off completely, not silent, off.
  2. Pick something you really like doing. For me it's a few episodes of Community or Scrubs, pure guilty pleasures for me but it could  be anything that you enjoy like reading, meditating or some low level intensity training. (Tip- Leave the high intensity training for days where stress is lower)
  3. Gauge your stress levels out of 10. If you're above an 8 you're on a strict 60 minute time out, anything under, 30 minutes should suffice.
  4. Lastly. Go super hippy and live in the moment. Forget about what has happened so far that day and clear your mind of tasks to come, focus on enjoying what you're doing at that particular moment. See how great you feel after your allocated time.

Quick tip... If you find it especially to turn off mid day then pick an app like "Headspace" which is a guided meditation app and I have personally found it amazing to use on a daily basis.