Bench Like a World Champion

We are very excited to bring you the first seminar in a series of brand new seminars that will be held in CityGym. Bench Like a World Champion will held on September 15th with Barry Piggott, the current 105 world record holder with a 226.5kg bench and Arthur Lynch, Ireland's top 93kg lifter who is currently doing his PhD in muscle physiology.

Structure of the day:

  • Lecture 10 - 11am
    • Learn optimal bar paths and mechanics for benching
    • Learn how to program for a bigger bench
  • Practical Demos 11am - 12pm
    • Unsure about how to set up? Get a full run through with Barry and Arthur
    • Learn warm up routines for a better press
    • Learn ways to subdue aching joints and substitutes for times when things flare up
  • Lunch 12pm - 1pm
  • Workshop 1pm - 2:30pm
    • Every athlete will have the chance to bench and be critiqued from both Arthur and Barry
  • Training Session until 5pm